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A Dream Team That Gets It

Powered by LookThink's user-focused digital expertise and Hamilton Exhibits' event mastery, we've created the perfect solution to enable your virtual event needs. 

Two powerhouse partners are crafting a new world of bespoke events & experiences!

Our Partnership

LookThink Enable emerged as a result of a collaboration between LookThink and our friends at Hamilton Exhibits. Together, our companies have a distinguished 80+ years of relevant expertise in interactive communications, spatial, exhibit and event design, manufacturing and production, web technology, IT systems integration and enterprise systems. Our collective insight and expertise has generated attention-grabbing and empowering interactive solutions for a growing list of clients in a variety of industries. 

Using our combined expertise, we have built best-in-class solutions to address the evolving needs of both Virtual Experiences and Virtual Events.  Our customizable solutions address a variety of needs. From exhibits and showrooms to virtual tours and product experiences,  tradeshows or meetings to conventions and career fairs.  We work closely with our clients to define, design, build and deploy experiences that are every bit as unique as your particular industry, audience, product or initiative. It also means we stick around to make sure everything goes to plan. We consider ourselves an extension of your team and we're all looking forward to a win!

We've heard time and time again that customization is king and, we think we're pretty good at listening. To that end, we decided that adding another boxset with limited features to an already crowded marketplace wasn't the solution. We went to work building something that meeting, event and marketing professionals actually like. This means that we aren’t going to force your event or experience into a pre-built framework, or leave you to figure out how to pull it all together on your own. We bring the necessary insight, strategy, design, toolset and team to enable the creation of something that truly exceeds the expectations of your colleagues and customers alike. Your success is our mission; let's get started.

Our Mission

To improve the digital state of the events industry and provide the most custom and resilient virtual event solution for event professionals all over the globe.

A few of our clients

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Immersive Experiences

Create lasting impressions as visitors explore interactive environments that transcend boundaries. Imagine shopping a showroom or exploring a museum, city or tradeshow floor. Dream away.

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Engaging Events

Captivate, educate and empower your audience. LookThink Enable offers more than the ability to manage attendee registration and push content during and after sessions. Reimagine what's possible with a solution that allows you to break boundaries and showcase your event in a new, fresh way.  

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